It’s no wonder people all around the world dream of meeting a surfer girl. She has all the qualities you would want in a friend, girlfriend, employee or family member! Her compassion, positivity, generosity, ambition, creativity and inner and outer beauty draw all kinds of people to her. Here are 7 major reasons to date a girl who surfs.



  1. She is mentally, emotionally and physically strong. Surfing is a serious sport – you use every muscle in your body at some point while out catching waves. That kind of physical endurance has to be accompanied by mental strength. It takes courage to paddle out and face the elements of the ocean! With mental strength can come emotional fortitude too.So basically surfer girls are cool, resilient, well-roundedchicks! They know when to persevere and when to try again tomorrow.



  1. She lives a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.Surfing and being in a bikini all day necessitates a certain degree of a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Surfer girls are all about balance – partying is fun but having a strong body is the most important thing! Healthy meals, walks on the beach, relaxation and other sports are all part of a surfer girl’s lifestyle.



  1. She is comfortable and confident with her looks.Spending hours getting ready just to go to school or the grocery store is not something that surfer girls like to spend a lot of time doing. Especially since they’ll probably be back in the water at some point in the day anyway! Surfer girls accept and like who they are and what they look like – the most important thing is that they are able to surf!


  1. She is eager to travel. Surfing gives you inner and outer strength as well as the courage to see the world and meet new people. It would be very unlikely that she would put up a fight about going out of town. Exploring new horizons and gaining new experiences are all part of a surfer girl’s goals!




  1. She is not shallow or materialistic. Spending a lot of time out in nature and pushing herself to the limit makes surfer girls thoughtful and down-to-earth. She’s happy spending a night in with a movie and doesn’t need expensive gifts and fancy dinners all of the time. (Though they’re definitely appreciated occasionally!) With all of her hours in a bikini with her board, a closet full of clothes and shoes is nice but not a priority. Surfer girls know what really matters in life – family, friends, a healthy body and a nice swell.



  1. Along with being strong she is also ambitious and motivated. A surfer girl’s ambition nature and desire to push herself to her limits makes her successful and goal-oriented in other parts of her life as well. Whether its school, work, projects or relationships, surfer girls want to be the best they can be. They’re often competitive and bright as well! She’s not afraid to put in the work to get what she wants. She knows there often has to be struggle before reward.





  1. Surfer girls are relaxed and compassionate. The surfing and beach lifestyle is, by nature, a relaxed one. That attitude embeds itself in the people who live it, especially the kind, conscious surfer girls. They love the ocean and the earth as a whole. With their compassion for the planet comes compassion for the people around her! She believes in the goodness of the world and in others. Her confidence and laid-back nature enables her to help others without expectations of getting something in return.


What other qualities do you see in the surfer girl in your life? Like we mentioned above, surfer girls of all kinds love to travel, especially to tropical paradises with warm water and perfect waves. Ditch your winter and come have a relaxing surfing adventure with us in beautiful Costa Rica! Your surfer girl will surely thank you.