Author: Dylan Park

Surfing with disabilities

Normally an accident or condition that leaves someone paralyzed would mean the end for any dreams of surfing. But with modern-day technology and the volunteer efforts of surfers and others around the world, the lineups are open for paraplegic surfers and many other types of disabilities! ‘Life Rolls On’ is an incredible organization that puts on surfing events for paraplegics who want to surf all around the coastal United States. There are dozens of volunteers who come out to help with each event and push paraplegics into waves. But it’s a new surfboard technology that makes it so way...

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7 Reasons to date a girl who surfs

It’s no wonder people all around the world dream of meeting a surfer girl. She has all the qualities you would want in a friend, girlfriend, employee or family member! Her compassion, positivity, generosity, ambition, creativity and inner and outer beauty draw all kinds of people to her. Here are 7 major reasons to date a girl who surfs.   She is mentally, emotionally and physically strong. Surfing is a serious sport – you use every muscle in your body at some point while out catching waves. That kind of physical endurance has to be accompanied by mental strength....

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Surf workouts to prepare yourself for that next trip

[fusion_text] Everyone wants to surf and feel the oceans power glide under your feet as you slide down a wave. However the biggest question we get at Sunset Surf is “how do you prepare yourself to go on a surf vacation?” Surfing is one of the most physically demanding sports (and one of the most fun too)! It requires physical strength for paddling out to the break, catching a wave, balancing on the surfboard and eventually turns and aerials. The proper workouts will help you surf better, prevent injuries, catch more waves. Before you surf, be sure to start...

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A day at Sunset Surf Camp in Dominical

There is nothing quite like a day in Costa Rica at Sunset Surf Camp. When first arriving after your flight our driver, Happy Tico Jonny, will greet you as you leave baggage claim. You will be driven to Sunset Surf Camp in our 12-passenger Toyota van with Wi-Fi and complimentary drinks, complete with a stop at the Crocodile Bridge to see the action.   When you arrive at MAVI surf hotel, our home base, either Max or Barbara will greet you and show you to your room. Your room will be stocked with beer or wine, whichever you choose....

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Whales are jumping as we surf right now, come and see!

Uvita, one of the most special towns in Costa Rica, is only 15 minutes south of Sunset Surf Dominical. It is directly in the middle of two of Costa Rica’s best national parks – the famous Manuel Antonio National Park to the north and the Corcovado National Park to the south. (Fun fact: the Corcovado National Park has 5% of the biodiversity on this side of the planet!)   Uvita has a unique small village atmosphere, absolutely beautiful beaches, eco-hotels and most importantly, a yearly migration of humpback whales to the calm, mild seas of the Marino Ballena National...

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