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Dylan is the president & founder of Sunset Surf Camp. Dylan has been working for years with many environmental groups in order to save a tract of virgin rainforest and the town which exists there from being cut down by global development. Because of the ties he has made he is currently on the board of directors as ASANA which is one of the most highly recognized NGO’s in the area

How to choose the right Surfboard for you

  We know that it can be very intimidating to select the right surfboard. There are an impossible amount of different sizes, shapes and styles to choose from, just as there are infinite different kinds of waves. Regardless of your skill level, picking the best type of board for your ability and the waves that [...]

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5 Reasons to Surf in Costa Rica

There’s no way to argue – surfing is one of the best sports on the planet. We’re not the only ones saying it! It’s healing, challenging and exciting all at the same time. And in Costa Rica, it also involves warm, clear water, sunny days, blue skies, perfect waves and tropical nights under the stars. [...]

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The adventures, stories, and friends you will gain from surfing

Surfing is a passion that encompasses more than jumping into the water on a board. Over time it can become a longing not only for the physical act of surfing, but also for traveling, exploring, adventuring and discovering! It becomes a lifestyle and the way that you get to see more of the world and [...]

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Surfing – the sport everyone can enjoy – here’s why

Being a beginner at something is never easy, especially as we get older. As kids we have no fear of failure or looking stupid, so we try anything with a positive attitude. (Hence why children pick up surfing so quickly!) But it is important that, even as we grow up, we continue to find adventures [...]

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Why surfing may be a key factor to your child’s success in Life.

“Essentially the environment, process and practice of learning to surf provides the perfect forum for autonomy for a child’s development cognitively and physically, and in turn assists in developing skills essential to a successful and fulfilling life.” This line, taken from an article we read recently, while we had to read it a few times, [...]

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