Costa Rica Surf Camp

The Thrill of the Costa Rica Surf Camp Experience

The Costa Rica surf camp – many who have been fortunate enough to have experienced one have returned home only to rave about how exhilarating it was and how it affected their appreciation for the sea and life, or as they say in Costa Rica…”pura vida”.

costa rica surf campThere is no disputing the fact that when it comes to Costa Rica surf camps you’ll find a copious number to choose from. This does not mean they are all equal – because they are not.

Depending what area of the country you are visiting, the Costa Rica surf camp experience can vary from advanced surf like Witch’s Rock in Guanacaste to lighter surf beaches like Playa Hermosa or Uvita in the Southern Pacific Zone. Whichever it is, you’ll be sure to have a vitalizing lifelong memory to take home.

Echos ring long and far about a Costa Rica surf camp in the south Pacific of Costa Rica – the name – Sunset Surf Dominical Surf School

Sunset Surf is the culmination of the past 30 years of this Costa Rica surf camp owner and certified lifeguard, Dylan Park.

With the help of the rest of the gang (The Park Family), Dylan has turned a Costa Rica surf camp dream in to a thriving reality unlike anything Dominical has seen before.

Now sure there are other options…but non-other is capable of delivering the kind of Costa Rica surf camp experience that you’ll grow old telling your grandkids about.

Yes…it’s that amazing!

So what is it that sets Sunset Surf Dominical Surf School above the rest? Well let’s examine that for a moment.

Costa Rica Surf Camp Safety and Security

Whilst living in Hawaii, the Parks grew up in some of the world’s most incredible surf. It was here that they would learn the ins and outs of surfing, not only advanced and highly dangerous waves, but also the fundamental ingredients one needs in order to be an effective surf instructor. In 2010, Dylan Park, owner of Sunset Surf, achieved his Costa Rica Certified Lifeguard status which he applies throughout his Costa Rica surf camp in order to provide his clients with the utmost in safety and confidence that at, Sunset Surf…you’re in good hands.

As for the rest of the staff…

Adam Dufner, originally of Australia, is a certified professional surf coach specializing in the art of video review training to ensure top-quality Costa Rica surf camp training and proper posture.

Nathan Park, Dylan’s old brother, is a professional Olympic snowboard trainer with a vast number of years surfing the waves of both Dominical and Hawaii during the off-season.

 What’s Your Costa Rica Surf Camp Dream?

Imagine yourself flying through the tree tops, high above the Costa Rican rain forest floor – as you zip along from platform to platform with white-faced Capuchin monkeys alongside you swinging from branch to branch.

Or how about the invigorating feeling of diving off a cliff in to the crisp mountain fresh waters of an untouched Costa Rica waterfall. The likes of which you’ve seen in National Geographic. The refreshing feeling of jumping in to a fresh water river and releasing yourself from the intense heat and humidity of the Costa Rican jungle. Ahhh…

Speed demon? Well then you might want to consider the option of jumping on a 4×4 quad and ripping it up while you climb the Talamanca Mountains, the beautiful backdrop to the Ballena National Park just outside of Dominical.

Then after a day of adventure and surf, you can take a time out and relax with Bamboo Yoga’s world renown yoga master, Sofia. In fact, it is worth mentioning that Sunset Surf offers Costa Rica surf camp packages specifically designed with women in mind. Packages taught by women…for women. Here is the link for our Woman’s Surf Camp Package.

A few more adventurous activities one can expect when signing up for their Costa Rica surf camp experience are things like river rafting, scuba diving at Caño Island, deep sea fishing charters for marlin and dorado and more, and even excursions to “secret surf locations in Costa Rica” for the more advanced, experienced surfer.

The adventure possibilities are endless and whilst you might be the adrenaline junkie there are those that simply come here for the sheer beauty and tranquility Costa Rica is famous for.

For less adventuresome individual there are plenty of relaxing events to enjoy while spending your time at our fantastic Costa Rica surf camp in Dominical. Whether it’s yoga based surfing instructions or just…I’m chillin…style of relaxed surf lessons – the bottom line is, Sunset Surf Dominical supports all ages and varieties of travelers.

It is for the reasons listed above that many choose Sunset Surf for their Costa Rica surf camp of choice – they offer variety, friendly, helpful and  experienced staff, and best of all, Sunset Surf Dominical has the insight to offer surf adventure packages no one else is capable of bringing you.

As you have probably gathered, the best Costa Rica surf camp experience you’ll ever have is with Sunset Surf School and Adventures in Dominical, Costa Rica