Every year we are looking for new ways to upgrade our surf camp so that our clients can enjoy themselves even more!  This year we went out and bought a few beach cruisers or banana bikes so you can enjoy getting around town a little easier. Dominical town isn’t very big. However, having a basket attached to the front of your bike sure makes it easier to pick up something from the grocery store, grab a coconut from the fruit stand, or carry off a fresh ceviche from the stand near the entrance of town.

Now you can enjoy a relaxing ride up along the Baru river and see a number of birds, iguanas, and maybe a sloth or caiman relaxing along the river bed.  You will strengthen your legs and with all the paddling you will be doing you will go back home in the best shape ever!  We even provide you with a cable and lock so your mind can be at ease while you are enjoying yourself in the ocean or at lunch knowing your bike will be safe for you when you get back.

Every surf camper that joins Sunset Surf Camp will get his or her own bike to enjoy. We provide you with your own personal surf board, as well as beach chairs, an assortment of beach toys and all the fresh drinking water you want. If there’s anything else you may need, just let us know and we’ll try our hardest to make it happen for you. And enjoy the new bikes!