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Your never to young to catch a wave.

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With such a high demand for family surf lessons we decided to put a family surf package together so that everyone can enjoy learning how to surf as a family.

We have found the perfect villas in town that can accommodate the whole family. Fully furnished, with a/c, a dip pool, right next to the beach, all within walking distance of the Dominical town!

In this package you will enjoy use of our beach bikes to get around town, t-shirt, hats, family appropriate activities, photos, go-pro video, photos, and most importantly one on one surf coaches for every kid who requires it.


“Learning to surf is a life-changing experience that is thrilling and

exciting…so why not learn how to do it with the ones you cherish most.”


Zip line through the Costa Rican canopy, catch your own fish then have it served to you for lunch, kayak the mangroves, jumpinto a waterfall, and surf to your heart’s content.



Airport Transfer to and from San Jose Airport to Sunset Surf Camp in Dominical


Comfortable, clean accommodations with air-conditioning at MAVI Surf Hotel


World famous Pavon waterfall tour including a visit to a tillapia pond where you will catch your own lunch while local Costa Ricans prepare a meal you won’t soon forget.


The flight of the toucan zip line

A memory card full of your photos from your personal surf experience with Sunset Surf Dominical
Last but not least…a happy and relaxed attitude, just what the Dr. ordered

Wholesome, delicious breakfast every morning during your stay


Fun, professional surf instruction from our certified professionals


Kayak the mangroves or visit Nauyaca waterfall by horseback (7 day package includes 1 tour, and the 10 and 14 day package include 2)


Get around town in style with our beach cruisers!


Visit to the reptile museum

Standard Surf Package

The perfect surf package to get your feet wet and learn to surf in paradise with our certified instructors. You’ll have the time of your life.

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Premium Surf Package

Our premium package is our most requested surf package with adventure activities and wind-downs like massages and spas, it’s no wonder is our top package.



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Family Surf Package

The perfect surf package experience for families of all sizes. We’ve got a little something for everyone from even the youngest to most senior of the family. 



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Costa Rica Immersion

When visiting another country to really enjoy the full experience of the culture and people, speaking the language makes all the difference.

In our Surf and Spanish Package we will organize a schedule for you that alternates your Spanish lessons with your surf lessons.



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Corporate Retreats

Specially designed retreats and team building events you will never forget. You will return with a new-found self of confidence and inner happiness!

Motivational, Inspirational talks before each surf session and adventure trips. Customize your stay to enjoy activities and team challenges, all the while bathing in the beauty of the Costa Rican jungles, mountains, rivers and of course ocean waves.



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*all prices are listed PER PERSON in USD

**please contact us when booking 4 or more people

***occupants must have same arrival & departure times to/from airport Please note there’s a price increase of $20 per night during Easter (April 7th, 2017 to April 16th, 2017 and Christmas (December 18th, 2017 to January 7th, 2018)

Low Season Rates (May – Nov)

6 nights / 7 days                                                             $1245


9 nights / 10 days                                                           $1580


13 nights/ 14 days                                                          $2015




6 nights / 7 days                                                $995

9 nights / 10 days                                              $1345

13 nights/ 14 days                                             $1750

6 nights / 7 days                                                                            $1080

9 nights / 10 days                                                                         $1430

13 nights/ 14 days                                                                       $1830

High Season Rates (Dec-Apr)

6 nights / 7 days                                                             $1395


9 nights / 10 days                                                           $1885


13 nights/ 14 days                                                          $2395




6 nights / 7 days                                                                          $1195

9 nights / 10 days                                                                        $1595

13 nights/ 14 days                                                                       $2095

6 nights / 7 days                                                                            $1280

9 nights / 10 days                                                                         $1680

13 nights/ 14 days                                                                        $2180



Garry M. said this…

My children (boy age 11 and girl age 9) and I surfed with Sunset Surf last week in

Dominical and Dominicalito. Dylan and Jossue were very attentive, patient and fun and did a great job teaching us how to surf and how to stay safe in the water.

Both of my children said that surfing was the most fun they had in Costa Rica.

I would highly recommend Sunset Surf Dominical to anyone.


Cameron Dunlop said this…

Dylan and all his crew at Sunset Surf were fantastic!

From patiently helping this old fella rekindle his surfing to helping kids to organizing waterfall trips, horse riding, canyoning, surf kayaking, ocean kayaking, zip lining….

The best, and we will be back!


K. Piakis said this…

Our family went on the beginning surf tour. We had a wonderful time.

The instructors were very patient with the boys. Jose even got the nervous 10 year old out in the surf and up on the board in no time.

We could hear the 6 year laughing on every wave he stood up on. The school provided an instructor for each of our two youngest boys (6 and 8).

The six year old cried the next day when he couldn’t hang out with his new friends.

They have been practicing so when we go back they can show the instructors how they have improved.


Kaitlyn W. said this…

I was able to spend four days surfing with Dylan and Raymond and I’m hooked for life. These guys are great. They are professional and knowledgeable and still very fun and friendly.

They know how to surf, and even more importantly they know how to TEACH surfing. Two days I was with just one or two other new surfers and we got great one on one instruction.

On the days when I was with a larger group, Dylan and Raymond still gave us each great individual instruction, watching what each one of us was doing so they could continue to give us personalized instruction.

I was very impressed with their ability to assess and instruct each of us, instead of just going through the same standard “surf 101” type class that other places use.

On my last day out, the water gods were not cooperating and we found ourselves sitting, waiting for long stretches between sets.

While Dylan could easily have sat silently or otherwise filled the time with small talk, instead he took the opportunity to teach us his thought process as an avid surfer.

He told us what he’s looking for, what he’s watching, what he’s planning, and what he’s thinking when he’s waiting for waves. I learned just as much that day as I did on the days when we were catching waves nonstop.

Dylan and his crew are truly top-notch surf instructors, and I highly recommend Sunset Surf. I will definitely come back to surf with them again.