Today September 25th fusion juvenile dropped in at our office to video how to give a surf lesson. A team of four youngsters who report on issues locally or events that pertain more to youth. They were full of energy and excited to learn the art of surfing. We taught them ocean safety, ocean awareness, and the famous “pop up”, and out to surf we went. I also had my girlfriend/instructor get in on the video to have some fun.

Anchorman Gabriel popped up and rode his first wave all the way to the sand. He was very surprised due to the fact that he never surfed before. “Another one!” He yelled as he came back out. You should have seen the smile on that kids face as we walked his board out.

While drinking water with the team of reporters on the beach we watched as anchorman stayed out surfing one wave after another. It was a success they learned learned the proper mechanics, now they can build muscle memory with good technique so that they will get to the next level of surfing. Next time they are back in town I promised to get them riding down the face of a wave. Here is the footage that was broadcasted on the local news channel.