Well I always said I wanted my surf camp to be part of the 1% for the planet and finally it has become a reality.  I always admired companies such as Patagonia that made their mission not only to make the highest quality products but to give back and help our planet which I think everyone would agree is in dire need of our help right now!  I feel that its the least that I can do to protect the oceans that gives me so many of the things I have today.

At Sunset surf camp we want clients to know that by joining us a portion of their proceeds are going to help our oceans and forests to be preserved for future generations.   We hope by marketing the fact that we are the only surf camp in Costa Rica affiliated with one percent for the planet that others will catch on that it is a smart decision to give back to our planet not only morally but financially as well.

A wise man once taught me when I was younger “if not now when? if not us who?”   My father also taught me to stand up for whats right and to protect what we have and never give in no matter how hard or how long the fight.  Looks like we all have a huge battle but together we can make a difference in our world.  Giving one percent isn’t much however its step in the right direction and sunset surf camp is currently donating to the surf rider foundation and we have local beach clean ups as well.  Theres nothing worse than to walk out on a dirty beach only to paddle out and have plastic bottles and bags floating by you as you wait for the next wave to catch.  We all need to do our part so that we can continue to enjoy clean beaches and surfing the clean blue waves here in Costa Rica and across the globe.