We pulled up to Hermosa Beach around 6:30 in the morning with a cool breeze coming off the mountains.

The wind was offshore and the waves were head high perfect for our intermediate lesson.

With sun block on our faces and surfboards under our arms we walked down the beach looking for that perfect peak when we saw three people standing by the high tide mark calling us over to them.  We walk over and as we approach we notice that they were releasing from a styrofoam cooler around 30 baby leather back turtles.

What a treat, we watched as these tiny turtles struggled to past the shorebreak.  Wave after wave they got rolled up on the beach but they never gave up.  We stood motionless in the water until we watched the last determined leather back make it past the shore break.

We gave our thanks for the show strapped on our leashes and then paddled out with the same determination to take on the shore break ourselves.   Once out on the outside we actually saw a few of the turtles coming up for air as they dove down and disappeared into the blue.