We know that it can be very intimidating to select the right surfboard. There are an impossible amount of different sizes, shapes and styles to choose from, just as there are infinite different kinds of waves. Regardless of your skill level, picking the best type of board for your ability and the waves that you’ll be surfing is extremely important and essential to catching waves.


The first thing to know is that there is not one board size or shape that is perfect for everybody at all times. That is why you’ll see people who surf regularly have a whole bunch of different boards, called a “quiver.” So when you start out to begin building your quiver, there are four major things to consider so you select the right surfboard for you.


  1. How Fit You Are

If there is a 25-year-old surfer and a 50-year-old surfer out in the line up, they may both be at the same skill level and height and weight, but they will probably be riding very different types of boards. Typically as your age increases and your endurance level declines, you will want to choose boards that are a little thicker and wider than before. An older surfer will be able to surf longer if he has more board under him because he won’t have to expend as much energy paddling into waves.


  1. Your Skill Level

When you are still a beginner, you will probably only need one good board that fits your height and weight until you start to get better. When you are just starting out, look for a board that is big and stable. Soft-top boards are a popular choice, as are boards between seven and nine feet in length, somewhere around three inches thick, and about 21 to 25 inches wide. This wideness and thickness will help a beginner catch more waves. As you continue to get better, your boards will likely shrink in size and vary in shape.


  1. Your Height and Weight

This is one of the most important aspects in choosing the right board for you, though it should be considered in conjunction with the other three factors listed here. It might be easy to guess, but usually the bigger you are, the bigger and thicker your board needs to be.


  1. What Waves You Surf

Where and what kinds of waves you surf as well as the weather conditions of the breaks you hit up regularly is the main reason why avid surfers have a quiver of boards. The conditions of the ocean are going to change from day to day, hour to hour, even minute to minute. To surf a lot, having a wide range of boards is important. When surfing in Costa Rica you have many different beach breaks, point breaks, and a few reef breaks to choose from. The tides play a major role on how the waves break so be sure to get a tide chart and pick the right tides for your skill level and the type of board you have that day!


At Sunset Surf Camp, your safety and getting you up on a wave as soon as possible are our top priorities, so we take all of these four factors into serious consideration when picking out the best board for you.