Sunset Surf Camp in Dominical Costa Rica  specializes in teaching young kids how to surf.  With such a high demand from parents that want their kids to learn to surf while having the comfort of knowing their kids are in good hands we decided to offer lessons to kids of all ages.  The youngest to date is a kid that is 3 years old and amazingly after a few lessons with his mom close by now he is out with us standing on the surf board while his mom spectates from the beach.

Josue one of sunset surf’s head surf coaches has a 3 year old daughter and says,”It is very important to teach kids at a young age not to be afraid of the ocean but to have respect and understand whats going on in the ocean.”  Not only do we teach kids everything they need to know to be safe and how to surf, we provide an atmosphere that is fun for the kids as well.

“We have kids that we teach that have parents that are both surfers however I believe the kids need a role model that’s not their parents that they will listen to and feel comfortable out in the waves.”   “It’s the same thing when I was learning to drive my dad and I would always but heads and I was nervous but when I had someone else teach me I was much more relaxed and finally got that parallel parking down.”  Dylan owner of the Costa Rica surf camp runs a top notch program and is side by side with his instructors in the water to make sure everything is run smoothly.

With younger kids usually under the age of 8 we have one on one instructors for them.  Our instructors will ride on the back of the board the entire way to have close supervision to make sure they don’t get hit by the board and to make the kids feel the most comfortable when falling.  Sunset Surf camp does provide life vests upon request however all kids need to be able to swim or hold their breath under water.  If you are looking for professional surf school that will take care of your kids look no further than Costa Rica’s surf camp Sunset Surf.