Going from the warm waters of Maui and Costa Rica to surfing the cold waters of Peru in August was initially a big shock!  It was funny taking a group from Hawaii and fitting us all in wetsuits then watching everyones face when we first hit the water.  At first it wasn’t too bad since everyone was dry with their feet high in the air during the paddle out but when the first set rolled in and everyone had to duck dive, ice cream headaches for everyone!

Just like paddling out anywhere in the world all it takes is catching that first wave and then your good all your thinking about is the ride and nothing else matters.  It was great day, there was six of us in all and we had our own peak to ourselves.  Kimi Werner world known free diver had a little more experience than the rest of us being in cold waters, traveling the world while riding on the backs of great white sharks!

As most surfers know its never the same when you go to a different country and have to rent a board.  Most of the time your not going to find a board that fits your dimensions or isn’t right for the conditions.  We didn’t care about what boards we had we were all about having fun that day.  We were in Peru for a wedding with good friends and it was all about having a good time!  There were plenty of good laughs, good wipeouts, and some out of shape exhausted Hawaiians!  Thanks to the crew at Pukana surf school that outfitted us with our wetsuits, surf boards, and even gave us a ride back up the steep sea cliffs so that we could let our body’s defrost after a good time surfing with old friends.