Jeanine  is from exotic Brazil and is a key component to the success of Sunset Surf Camp.  She is a fun and friendly instructor who is very helpful with those new to surfing through her attention to details and warm style.   When she is not instructing, she is working in our new office located on the beach or she is on the beach taken all of our professional photos.  Jeanine is a great surf instructor, eager to help you understand the fundamentals of surfing as well as a love and respect for the ocean.  Throughout her worldly travels she became fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  If you have any questions when your at our Costa Rica surf camp Jeanine will have the answers for you.

We are very fortunate to have someone like Jeanine on our team, she not only brings a ton of experience to the team but her energy and happiness spreads through the team like a wildfire.  Its nice to have someone you can really rely on and take care of the all the clients as if they were her own.  Jeanine used to run her own surf school in Costa Rica for a few years and recently jumped on the opportunity to merge forces with Sunset Surf Camp.

At our Costa Rica surf camp we know that its very important to enjoy working with others that are dedicated to our goal of helping people learn everything about surfing so that they will feel confident to surf safely on their own.  We are putting a team, “family” together that works well together and watches out for each other.  We want to make all of our clients feel like they are a part of our family when they are visiting us at Sunset Surf Camp.