Josue was born and raised right here in the Dominical area.   Growing up by beach he had the opportunity to start surfing at a very young age.  When he was a kid arriving home after school he would climb his house to sit on the roof to check the waves before grabbing his board and making a mad dash down to the beach with his friends.

Josue has been competing in the Costa Rican National Circiut for 5 years in both the longboard and shortboard categories and worked as a full time lifeguard watching over Dominical beach from 2005 -2010.   He has his certifications by the ISA and from the Costa Rican lifeguard association.  He is fluent in English and knows the surrounding areas better than anybody.

Josue is a fun easy going guy, very good surfer, will climb the tallest coconut tree to knock one down for you, and is happily married with a beautiful little daughter.