I probably should not be talking about this, but this coming up months are my favorite time of the year in Costa Rica! The first drops of rain begin to fall, the jungle comes alive with amazing blooming colors and the south swell season just start to come regularly on our coastline with beautiful waves.

After the festive holidays; Christmas, New Years and Easter; and the kids are going back to school after vacation break, the number of locals and foreigners students traveling in the country goes to a minimum number. A new cycle of tourist starts to come visit Costa Rica; specially surfers. Costa Rica is international famous for the numerous uncrowded surf spots and high quality waves. No wonder why surfers from all over the world contact Costa Rica Surf Camp every year to come enjoy this sceneary with us!

Starting in April, strong storms are generated across thousands of miles on deep sea and when reaching Costa Rica shoreline this swells bring us some solid clean waves. The south swells are known for it’s consistency and power, which makes Costa Rica the perfect choice for a surf vacation these months of the year.

Costa Rica Surf Camp offers surf lessons for all levels and also surf packages for advanced surfers to enjoy paradise. Taking care of all the details from the minute you step out of the airport, Sunset Surf Camp staff is highly trained to provide quality service, outstanding costumer service and the best surf instruction in the country.

Once again the hot dry season is gone, the climate gets cooler with scattered clouds in the sky followed by stunning sunsets. Rainstorms often comes through for few hours at night and incredible lighting shows can be seem it. There is no doubt this is my favorite time of the year. If you have time to get way for some vacation time, start packing now!