Dominical was choppy so we jumped in the Bongo and headed south to Playa Hermosa. As we pulled off the road looking for some shade of a tree to park under we noticed that we were blessed with glassy head high surf. Connor was excited and anxious to get in the water and surf down the face of a wave.

We spotted the rip tide jumped into it and we were pulled outside in no time. Sitting on our boards enjoying the jungle view we see a set stacking on the horizon. Connor spins his board and starts paddling toward the beach. I am paddling along side him putting him in proper position as the wave rolls toward us he jumps to his feet and disappears yelling as he glides down the face of the wave. “YEahhhhhhhh”. Paddles back out and cant believe it “wow, what a rush!”

We ended up surfing for over three hours since the waves were so good. Sun burnt and tired Connor was a happy and proud man charging some big waves his first week on a surf board.