Growing up by the ocean my whole life and now that the ocean is giving me a way of life we at Sunset Surf Camp in Dominical believe it is time to give back.  We are a steadily growing surf camp in Costa Rica where there is an abundance of marine life.  We want to keep this abundance of marine life for both our clients and our future generations to enjoy.

Our Costa Rica surf camp is located right at the mouth of the Baru river.  It is both beautiful sight to see the crystal clear river water running out to the blue ocean and at the same time in the winter when it rains hard you will see a complete different sight.  The Baru river will climb the river banks and push sand, tree branches, logs, and unfortunately trash out into the ocean.  With this comes good surf however a mess to be cleaned up on the beach.

At Sunset Surf Dominical we believe that everyone can pitch in a hand either by education or by a financial donation.  Costa Rica is beautiful and has so much to offer now it is up to us the people who live here and enjoy what it has to offer to keep it safe for everyone!