Adam Dufner surf instructor at Sunset Surf School is currently in Australia working the Quicksilver Pro!!!  Adam was fortunate to work the Quicksilver Pro in New York last year and was invited once again however this time to Australia. 

Adam will have the opportunity to visit with all the famous names in surfing like Kelly Slater, Joel Parkenson, and Dane Reynolds!  We are all extremely jealous however very proud of our friend for having an opportunity like this.  We will miss him while he is on his journey and can’t wait to sit around and have a beer or two and listen to his stories. 

At Sunset Surf Camp we are proud to have top level coaches working at our surf school.  Adam will be working at the High Performance center in Australia coaching top level athletes before he heads to New York and then back to Costa Rica to join the gang in Dominical!  

Costa Rica has many surf camps to choose from, however at Sunset Surf Camp we are building a program where we will bring coaches such as Adam down to our camps so that our clients can experience top level coaching!