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Sunset Surf is a renowned surfing camp and surf school in Costa Rica that provides the highest quality surf coaching available in the area.

We provide our students with the knowledge and step by step instruction they need to become a surf expert while keeping the experience safe as well as fun while they are on the water.

Our instructors are certified and taught by the ISA (International Surf Association), certified by the Costa Rican lifeguard association, and first aid certified.   Safety is top priority for our business and we want everyone to learn how to surf while staying safe.

Beginner Surf Lesson

We schedule all of our surf lessons according to the tide to make sure our clients will have ideal conditions while learning to surf.

Our beginner surf lessons are held at mid tide so that you will be able to touch the sandy bottom the entire time.

During this lesson you will learn everything from water safety to ocean awareness as well as the proper mechanics to “pop up” to your feet.

You also will learn how to spot rip currents, understand how they are formed, and most importantly how to get out of them!

Come away from this lesson…

  • Knowing the parts of the board
  • Discovering how to maneuver your board through the waves safely
  • Learning how to catch the white water
  • Being able to get up to your feet and surf

All classes run 2 hours where you will be working on creating good muscle memory while using proper mechanics getting up to your feet and surfing into the beach.

Beginner/Intermediate Lessons

You’ve mastered the techniques of getting up to your feet and you’re ready to paddle to the outside to start catching unbroken waves.

Here we go!  All of our intermediate surf lessons are held at high tide either at Dominicalito, Hermosa, or Dominical beach all depending on the swell conditions that day.

Don’t have wheels?

Don’t worry we include transportation from our home base to all of our intermediate surf lessons.

Come away from this lesson…

In these sessions, you will learn how to paddle out beyond the breakers, sit on your board, learn how to choose a wave, spin your board then catch and ride down the face of the wave.

We will teach you how to make the drop, turn your surfboard, trim across the face of the wave, and pump your board to gain speed when needed.

You will also learn surfer etiquette and how to dismount off of your surfboard safely. With a few beginner/intermediate lessons you will be ready to surf on your own in no time.

We have plenty of surfboards to choose from and we will assign you with the proper board for your skill level and size.


What they say
Based on 50 reviews
Angela Moore
Angela Moore
I had a great day this past week taking a lesson with Sunset Surf Dominical. My instructor’s name is Ray and by far the best teacher I’ve had. Sign up for a lesson, these instructors are top tier. Shout out to Henry too- Tom says thank you!
M Summers
M Summers
My son and I took a beginner lesson with Josue, and we had some much fun that we brought my daughters for a second class with Josue and Henry. Everyone had a great time, and they’re both great instructors. I highly recommend giving them a try if you’d like to learn how to surf while saying near Dominical.
Rachele Griego
Rachele Griego
This team is responsive, professional, kind and very well informed. Myself and my two kids ages 14 and 9 were catching waves on our first try. We had so much fun, highly recommend and will be back again. Thank you!
Dan Wiersgalla
Dan Wiersgalla
Great little shop for rentals. Grabbed a board caught waves. 🤙🏼🏄🏻‍♂️
Alex Laigle
Alex Laigle
We had the best time with the crew at sunset surf :). We met Yemaya at our local beach in Maryland and then came to Dominical to learn to surf some more :). The team was absolutely amazing.. especially Yemaya, Henry and Jordy! We took lessons for the entire week. We had a huge group all with varying abilities of surf ( and from 3 to 37 years old) and everyone was accommodated, felt safe, learned a ton, and had the best time!
Imke van der Meer
Imke van der Meer
Gisterochtend hebben onze meiden (14 en 15 jaar) een super surf les gehad van Henry. Na een uur witte golven waren ze al zover dat ze van de groene golven konden surfen. En voor ons werden stoelen meegenomen, goede service en vriendelijk!
Mauricio Marín Murillo
Mauricio Marín Murillo
Excelentes instructores. Mi clase fue con el instructor Henry, simplemente excelente. Muy recomendado si al igual que yo tienes cero conocimiento del surf pero siempre has querido aprender, es el momento. También conversé con Jordy y otros integrantes del equipo, todos son excelentes personas. Lo recomiendo 100% y no puedo esperar para mi próxima clase dentro de 15 o 22 días.
Talia Hammond
Talia Hammond
We took a family surf lesson here, and it was fantastic. My husband and I shared an instructor (Freddie), and he was warm and welcoming. My kids each had a private instructor. My son (5) was a little timid, and his instructor was super patient and hung out with him playing in the sand when he needed breaks. The water here is so warm, the waves were nice for beginners, and we highly recommend.
Michael Casson
Michael Casson
Had an amazing experience with Henry. What an awesome and positive guy. Thanks to him I was getting up pretty much every time for my first time ever surfing. Highly recommend this place
Maor Keren
Maor Keren
Experience was great with the instructors. Stuff is friendly and decent

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