Being a beginner at something is never easy, especially as we get older. As kids we have no fear of failure or looking stupid, so we try anything with a positive attitude. (Hence why children pick up surfing so quickly!) But it is important that, even as we grow up, we continue to find adventures in life by trying new things that we enjoy as we stoke our childlike belief that anything is possible, which is an essential attitude in relationships and business as well as surfing.  Why is surfing the perfect new hobby to pick up no matter how old you are? Because anyone can learn how to do it and benefit from it! Here are three reasons why.

Surfing doesn’t take a lot of equipment. All you really need is a board, some willingness, and ideally someone patient to teach you the basics and make sure you don’t accidentally paddle out on the North Shore just before a 30-foot winter swell is due to arrive! Unlike a lot of other hobbies, it can be kept relatively cheap as well, and this is especially nice if you’re learning along with your children.

There are many places around the world to find good surf for beginners. Hawaii, France, Florida and Costa Rica are just a few of the many fantastically beautiful places to visit that have surf for all levels, from complete beginners to professionals. Whether you like soft, warm weather (Hawaii and Costa Rica) or colder, more exotic places to surf (Norway and Northern California), there’s something for everybody.

Surfing is good for you! It has powerful physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual benefits. Whether you’re brand new and surfing knee high waves or paddling out into Maverick’s, surfing is a great cardiovascular exercise (paddling), increases neck, back and arm strength (paddling), and leg and core strength (standing up and carving around!) Surfing also gets you and your family into one of the most powerful and beautiful elements of the great outdoors: Mother Ocean! And if we don’t say so ourselves, it is a perfect way to relieve stress and tension. No matter your age, it requires you to tap into your inner mental reserves, from courage to determination to pure willingness to try something new and face your fears. What better way to stay young and stoked?

If you’re feeling inspired to challenge your beliefs about what you can and cannot do and relieve tension at the same time in a warm, clear ocean with perfect waves, come and visit us at our surf camp in Costa Rica. See you soon!