Who We Are

I would like to take the time to introduce my self and both my immediate and extended family here at Sunset Surf Dominical.

My name is Dylan Park and I am the co-owner/ surf instructor along with my beautiful wife Maricela that helps with coordinating, making our organic sunblock, and hanging with the clients on the beach along with watching over our 20 month old son Ocean running up and down the beach.

You will not only get to meet my family however you may meet our head surf instructor Jossues 6 year old firecracker Kiara and beautiful girlfriend Grettel. We like all of our clients to feel comfortable and safe while staying with us and feel like they are part of the family. Its important to us that we are able to teach people proper surf mechanics and how to better their surfing all while enjoying themselves. Family is the most important thing to me so when you’re here expect to feel part of the extended family!

We are a group of young family men who were able to integrate our passion for surfing into a booming business. Owner Dylan Park and head surf instructor Jossue Venegas have had a passion for the ocean their entire lives and wants nothing more then to be in it teaching, laughing, and having a great time while teaching others how to surf.