We did our homework. Some years ago, before we chose Dominical as our home for teaching you to surf we investigated other places and discovered the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is considered the most consistent surf spot in Costa Rica, thereby allowing you to catch tons of waves, one of the most important aspects of learning how to surf. Imagine if you came down here for surfing lessons only to discover there were no waves, or lousy waves for the week you were here. What a bummer! Well. no need to worry about that in Dominical and the surrounding area. The beaches in this area have great, consistent waves so you’ll have the best chance of learning how to surf and enjoying long hours of surfing once you do learn how to surf.

The variety of waves in our area are astounding, from small gentle waves that are perfect for beginners to punchy, hollow beach breaks, points and reefs more suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. ¬†We make sure that we are always up to date on the Dominical Surf Report, so when the waves are too big or too small we just jump in the bongo, which is really the coolest surf ride ever, you’ll see, and we take you to where the waves are best that day. ¬†Experiencing different waves, exploring different beaches, and having a good time with friends is all part of the package when you choose to surf with the Sunset Surf team!

Not only that! The area around Dominical is teeming with wildlife, both land and sea. You’ll spot monkeys, exotic birds and iguanas as well as whales, dolphins and sea turtles. You are not far away from any number of unforgettable experiences and sites. Costa Rica is a small place, roughly the size of West Virginia but it has active volcanoes, class 5 river rapids, some of the worlds most beautiful birds such as the resplendent Quetzal, Jaguars, Ocelots, Agoutis, Sloths, Poison Dart Frogs, the list is almost endless. Yet Costa Rica has not lost it’s laid-back life-style and friendly small town atmosphere lacking in so many popular tourist destinations.