“Essentially the environment, process and practice of learning to surf provides the perfect forum for autonomy for a child’s development cognitively and physically, and in turn assists in developing skills essential to a successful and fulfilling life.”

This line, taken from an article we read recently, while we had to read it a few times, perfectly explains why we encourage all ages to come to our camp to learn to surf. It is why we especially encourage families with children to stay with us, while many other surf camps in Costa Rica and around the world won’t. Why won’t they? Well, generally because it is believed teaching young children may cause more work than it’s worth.

But the truth is that there’s no way to place a value on the incredible benefits that learning to surf gives to children. We know it from our own personal experience surfing as young kids, as well as the numerous experiences we’ve had with our own children and teaching generations of others’ at Sunset Surf.

So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to take your family to a surf camp, here are a few straight-up reasons to lean in our direction.

1.Surfing Teaches Persistence and Resilience

It’s no secret that in life, determination is even more necessary than talent to succeed in all areas, from school to work to relationships. In surfing, it takes persistence and resilience to get back on the board and paddle out, no matter how many times you’ve fallen or failed.

2.Surfing Teaches How To Take Risks (Responsibly)

Whether it’s in the business or investment world, taking risks every now and then is part of the deal. The same applies with surfing! Surfing requires children to assess their own skill and the risk of the wave they want to ride, ask someone with more experience than them what they think, and then make an informed decision.

3.Surfing Teaches Kids to Learn Independently

Once you’re on the wave, it’s only you, the board and the ocean. This requires children to apply the skills we taught them earlier, and rely on their own inner reserves to stand up and ride. What can compare to the pride, joy and thrill one feels when you’ve caught a wave and you know it was you, and no one else, who accomplished it? “This is where the independent learning kicks in, and for kids they thrive and embrace this moment to shine and learn independently,” an article from Peaks N Swells surf camp accurately says. We couldn’t agree more!

Our top priorities as a surf camp that welcomes children of all ages are of course safety, fun, and character building. We have kids of our own, so we understand the desire to watch our young ones grow into healthy, successful and functional adults. From experienced coaching on the technical aspects to just the right amount of praise and encouragement, we are dedicated to helping not only our kids, but yours too, develop into skillful surfers and courageous, compassionate human beings!