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Surfing is a dynamic sport.

To become a more competent surfer, you need a combination of skill, ability and knowledge to assess all the various conditions as well as situations that the ocean can produce.

Having an understanding of the ocean and surf conditions before you paddle out will enable you to make the right decision to suit your level of skill, making each session safer and more fun.

Wave Formation

Waves are formed by wind blowing across the ocean’s surface in areas called “fetch zones” forming chop. The chop then moves out of the fetch zones to form lines of swell.

These lines of swell then travel across the ocean in groups known as “sets”. The swells then become waves and break when they move into shallow water, such as reef, beach or points. 

When a wave breaks, it releases energy; it is this energy that surfers utilize for surfing.

Parts of the wave


LIPthe top of crest of a wave

FACE – the wall of a wave that the surfer rides on his or her surfboard

WHITEWATER – the broken part of the wave, surfers avoid this area, as it is the most difficult and turbulent part of the wave.

Types of waves

Every wave is unique and different to the next, but we can divide theme into two broad categories: PLUNGING WAVES and SPILLING WAVES. The slope of the seabed determines which category each wave falls into.

Plunging Wave

Formed when the water becomes shallow very quickly. This wave stands up, becomes top heavy causing the lip to pitch out. These waves are powerful and for experienced surfers only. It is these waves that can tube or barrel, creating the ultimate ride for a surfer.

Spilling Wave

These waves occur when there is a gradual slope in the sea floor, breaking slowly with little power, perfect for the beginner surfer. 

The 3 main waves suitable for surfing are:

Beach Breaks

When a wave breaks on sand bottom. These waves can change size and shape because the sand is constantly moved by the waves, by currents and by tides, which shift the sandbanks, therefore altering the shape of the wave.

Reef and Rock Shelf

Tubing powerful waves are formed when swells move from Deep Ocean to shallow water.

(See photos A & B)

Point Breaks

Located on headlands and rocky points. Point breaks usually break in one direction, left or right, depending on the shape of the land structure. Normally creates long peeling waves.

Long Shore Currents/Sweeps

When waves and wind combine together and approach a beach at an angle, the form long shore currents and sweeps, as shown in figure 2A. It is important for a surfer to be able to understand this principle and tell which way the sweep is running.


Rips and Currents

When waves break onto the beach, this mass of water must make it’s way back out to sea, using “channels” as shown in figure 2B. These currents become stronger with bigger waves due to the extra volume of water. Rips do not tend to extend much further past the breaking wave zone.

How to spot a rip

Look for the deep water or “channels” on either side of a sandbank, notice that the rip will tend to be discolored with sand and have turbulent, choppy water running out to sea. (As seen in photo below) Rips can be dangerous for the inexperienced surfer or weak swimmer so it is important to know how to spot and identify them before you enter the ocean.

Experienced surfers use rips as an easy route out to the waves: entering at the mouth, they are briskly swept out through the neck of the rip and then paddle across to the breakers.


Safety tips on Rips

in Costa Rica

If caught in a rip the number one rule is don’t panic. 

Try to stay calm and swim across the rip on a diagnonal angle to the breakers and then back to the beach.

If surfing the same applies, paddle across the rip and catch a wave in. 

Never swim or paddle directly against the current as it is far too strong. 

If you are tired one arm waved above your head will alert lifeguards to your situation.


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Angela Moore
Angela Moore
I had a great day this past week taking a lesson with Sunset Surf Dominical. My instructor’s name is Ray and by far the best teacher I’ve had. Sign up for a lesson, these instructors are top tier. Shout out to Henry too- Tom says thank you!
M Summers
M Summers
My son and I took a beginner lesson with Josue, and we had some much fun that we brought my daughters for a second class with Josue and Henry. Everyone had a great time, and they’re both great instructors. I highly recommend giving them a try if you’d like to learn how to surf while saying near Dominical.
Rachele Griego
Rachele Griego
This team is responsive, professional, kind and very well informed. Myself and my two kids ages 14 and 9 were catching waves on our first try. We had so much fun, highly recommend and will be back again. Thank you!
Dan Wiersgalla
Dan Wiersgalla
Great little shop for rentals. Grabbed a board caught waves. 🤙🏼🏄🏻‍♂️
Alex Laigle
Alex Laigle
We had the best time with the crew at sunset surf :). We met Yemaya at our local beach in Maryland and then came to Dominical to learn to surf some more :). The team was absolutely amazing.. especially Yemaya, Henry and Jordy! We took lessons for the entire week. We had a huge group all with varying abilities of surf ( and from 3 to 37 years old) and everyone was accommodated, felt safe, learned a ton, and had the best time!
Imke van der Meer
Imke van der Meer
Gisterochtend hebben onze meiden (14 en 15 jaar) een super surf les gehad van Henry. Na een uur witte golven waren ze al zover dat ze van de groene golven konden surfen. En voor ons werden stoelen meegenomen, goede service en vriendelijk!
Mauricio Marín Murillo
Mauricio Marín Murillo
Excelentes instructores. Mi clase fue con el instructor Henry, simplemente excelente. Muy recomendado si al igual que yo tienes cero conocimiento del surf pero siempre has querido aprender, es el momento. También conversé con Jordy y otros integrantes del equipo, todos son excelentes personas. Lo recomiendo 100% y no puedo esperar para mi próxima clase dentro de 15 o 22 días.
Talia Hammond
Talia Hammond
We took a family surf lesson here, and it was fantastic. My husband and I shared an instructor (Freddie), and he was warm and welcoming. My kids each had a private instructor. My son (5) was a little timid, and his instructor was super patient and hung out with him playing in the sand when he needed breaks. The water here is so warm, the waves were nice for beginners, and we highly recommend.
Michael Casson
Michael Casson
Had an amazing experience with Henry. What an awesome and positive guy. Thanks to him I was getting up pretty much every time for my first time ever surfing. Highly recommend this place
Maor Keren
Maor Keren
Experience was great with the instructors. Stuff is friendly and decent

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