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Surf School Costa Rica Packages

Our Surf School offers full surfing packages; here’s a step by step account of what you can expect upon arriving in San Jose, Costa Rica for your surf package.

After clearing customes you will be greeted by our friendly Sunset Surf Camp driver who will escort you to our private taxi where you can get comfortable, relax, cool off with a complimentary cold drink and enjoy the scenic drive through the mountains down to the Pacific coast and Playa Dominical.

Once you’ve arrived at your Hotel, you will be personally greeted by Sunset Surf staff and shown to your room.

Surf lessons packages

When we’ve made sure that you have all the comforts you need we’ll let you know what time your first surf lesson is. The rest of your afternoon can be sent resting up and taking in one of Dominical’s famous sunsets.

Breakfast is included daily during your stay at our Costa Rica Surf Camp and you’ll need to fuel up with the wholesome breakfasts offered so you’ll be ready to go for your surf lessons.

Also, included are a variety of adventure tours that you can choose from including waterfall tours, horseback riding, kayaking expeditions and zip-line canopy tours. Our 7 day package includes 1 of the above tours and our 10 & 14 day packages include 2 of the tours.

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Surf Package

Surf Package


Surf Package

The moment you meet our staff, you immediately feel at home and by the time you leave you will have the confidence that no wave is too for you to tackle.

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Your surf lessons


Lesson 1

Your introduction to the wonderful world of surfing will begin with a brief presentation on ocean safety and the do’s and don’t of surfing at the hotel before we head out to the beach where we will go into all of the fundamentals in greater detail.

Once on the beach you will learn about surfing:

  • Identifying problem areas and potential danger zones in the ocean i.e. rip currents, submerged objects, shallow sandbanks, other surfers,etc.
  • Wave formation/type of waves
  • Safe entry and exit
  • Proper mechanics of getting up to your feet

Once we’ve gone over everything and make sure everyone fully understands we will head into the ocean! The rest of the class will be spent learning paddling technique and how to pop up to your feet on a surfboard in whitewater waves.

This lesson is all about using proper mechanics in order to create good muscle memory. All first day surfers beginner lessons are held at mid tide in waist deep water.


Lesson 2

All of the fundamentals you learn in the first class are the foundation for this surfing lesson, where we will teach you how to paddle out past the waves and negotiate your surfboard through the whitewater.

Once on the outside, we’ll show you how to sit on your surfboard, manuever it into position to catch a wave and get you riding small, gentle, rolling waves!


Lesson 3-5

Now that you’re beginning to feel more comfortable on your surfbaord in the water we’ll build on the previous classes, and start instructing you more on wave selection and doing basic turns out on the open face of the wave.


This is when surfing really starts getting exciting! All the rest of these surfing lessons will be focused more on personal coaching and working with each individual’s needs. 

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